London Trans Support Group SWAT

(SouthWest Advocates for Trans)

(updated September 2012, Page will be removed if group no longer active)

Trans Support has been operating for over 5 years and current active membership averages around 250-300 people. Generally people come out to group for a period from 3 to 5 years if in transition or for the social environment for years and years. It is great when people pop back in after an absense and let us know how things are going :)

All Trans identified people, their support, community friends and allies are welcome.

There is a special feeling being in a room full of like minded people. We don't always talk about trans stuff, and it is ok to just come and not say a word. No one will pressure you to be involved in the conversations. Usually we talk about challenges in everyone's lives, offer help, support, and sometimes a shoulder to cry on. People talk about the good things that have happened, and sometimes we just laugh and tell stories.

Parking is available behind the building for $2. Best entrance is the handicapped ramp from the parking lot, as it is open and we all tend to hang around the door before the meeting. For security reasons the doors are locked after 7:10, just knock at the front door and Cassy will let you in or ring the bell at the back door and one of us will let you in. If you are shy or scared it is normal and we have all been through it! Contact us prior to the meeting and we can make arrangements to meet one of our members and go to the group together.

We have an email list, if you would like to be added send a message to

Trans Support Group
London Intercommunity Health Center
659 Dundas St E
London, Ontario, N5W 2Z1

1st Thursday and 3rd Tuesday of every month
7pm - 9pm

** Trans Youth London **
Every Thursday 6pm to 8pm
London Public Library Downtown
Tonda Room
Ages 12 to 20 Welcome
Last Thursday of Every Month Youth under 12 and Families Welcome.


Please distribute to all lists!
Phone is on during group, so if you are lost txt or call and we will help get you to us :)

Alphabet Community Centre

SWAT is a program of Alphabet Community Centre, which provides many support services to the Gender Identity/Gender Expression (Trans) Community. For full list of services see